United Apologizes After Seemingly ‘Drunk or Stoned’ Flight Attendant Berates Passengers

United Airlines has apologized after receiving complaints that one of their flight attendants appeared to be inebriated during a flight on Thursday.

A passenger on the flight, en route from Denver to Williston, North Dakota, complained about the employee’s behavior in a since-deleted tweet, writing, “Thanks United, for a terrifying flight! Drunk or stoned stewardess endangered everybody’s lives,” several news outlets reported.

“Boarding announcements were ‘if your seatbelt isn’t tight, you F^*%ed up,’” the passenger wrote, according to NBC Bay Area.

The outlet also reported that the passenger went to the cockpit during the flight to report the attendant’s “out of control” behavior to the pilot, and that police were waiting for her when the flight landed in North Dakota.

Robert Alexander/Getty Images


In a statement from United Airlines obtained by PEOPLE, the airline apologized for the incident and revealed it had reimbursed all of the passengers on the flight.

“We are aware of a concerning incident involving a flight attendant serving on our regional service provider Trans States Airlines flight 4689. As a gesture of goodwill, we have compensated all customers aboard the flight and we apologize for any inconvenience or distress this may have caused,” United Airlines wrote.

Commenting on the employment status of the flight attendant following the incident, a spokesperson for Trans States Airlines said the employee is currently being “held out of service” while they’re investigating what happened.


United Airlines has recently come under fire after a number of pet-related incidents.

In March, a French Bulldog died after a flight attendant adamantly instructed an unnamed passenger to store her carrier — with the pet inside — in an overhead storage bin for the duration of the flight.

In another incident shortly after the French Bulldog’s death, a family that moved from Oregon to Kansas discovered their German shepherd, who had to fly in the cargo hold of a different flight, was accidentally flown to Japan.

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